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About Us



Our Story

Links Media was founded in 2007 and is located in Coral Springs, Florida.  With former small business owners as part of our staff we understand the difficulties of juggling multiple hats as an owner or marketing manager.  We continue to hear the stories of how small businesses struggle to find the time and expertise to research, identify, and execute their customer loyalty and email marketing needs. It can be extremely expensive for a small business to outsource services through multiple vendors.  Instead, Links Media provides a one stop partner which includes month to month full service packages. Our talented team provides value to each of our clients with in-house design, programming, and strategic management, offered with a combination of packaged services and unique systems that create ever-increasing exposure through the “network effect.


We have also adopted a mascot nick named “OTIS” for Over the Top in Service.

Some of his core values include the following:

  • Great Service from the Start
  • Be The Solution
  • Care about our clients success
  • Embrace Questions, Requests, and Concerns
  • Team First
  • Have Fun
  • Listen and be Attune
  • Adapt and Learn
  • Build lasting relationships
  • Good Strategy Wins
  • Be Strong and Care


Our Strengths

Over the Top Service

We only hire people that are nice, competent and driven for success. We treat our customers and fellow co-workers with kindness and sincerity.  Our staff is available for you on a daily basis. Call 954-346-4800 or email us anytime.

High Quality Products

We only work with companies we trust and would use ourselves. We research and identify only the best technology partners.

Affordable Prices with Incredible Value

We leverage our resources to provide you with amazing prices for unbelievable technology.